Summertime is right around the corner and that means sunny days, warm nights, and a schedule that begs us to relax and enjoy a change of pace. Join us as we welcome this season with a new opportunity for girlfriend time… Read Together Summer Book Clubs!

We’re offering different titles that lend themselves to great, relaxed conversation. No homework, no prep. Just spend some time reading and share what you’re gleaning with the other ladies in your group. And back for the second year, our popular Journaling Workshop! That’s it! Summertime simple.

When: Tuesdays May 28-June 25
Where: Grace Chapel HUB
• Cost: No cost, just purchase your own book or supplies

The Pilgrim’s Progress: A Readable Modern-Day Version by John Bunyan (revision by Alan Vermilye)
Tuesday evenings 6:30-8 PM | GC HUB

This retelling of the classic story chronicles the epic adventure of a man named Christian who leaves his home in the City of Destruction and begins a life-long quest to the Celestial City. Set against the backdrop of a hazardous journey, this powerful drama unfolds as Christian’s adventures lead him into fascinating lands and encounters with interesting people who either help or hinder his progress along a narrow way. With a gallery of memorable characters and visits to colorful places, Bunyan’s allegorical narrative describes one man’s extraordinary adventure on his journey to faith.

Without losing any faithfulness to the original text, now you can read Bunyan’s timeless classic and reimagine this famous quest that has challenged and encouraged believers for centuries.

Cold Case Christianity by J. Warnar Wallace
Tuesday evenings 6:30-8 PM | GC HUB

A devout atheist, J. Warner Wallace couldn’t imagine believing in the Christian faith—until he applied the same step-by-step investigative process he utilized in his work as a homicide detective to the case for Christianity. In light of the ten common rules of evidence that he’d used to solve crimes throughout his career, Wallace realized he could no longer deny the truth of Jesus Christ. And his life was never the same.
An ideal book for spiritual seekers, as well as Christians who want to articulate the case for Jesus and the reliability of the Bible, this engaging exploration of Christianity answers the most important questions regarding the validity of the Bible.

Respectable Sins by Jerry Bridges
Tuesday evenings 6:30-8 PM | GC HUB

Have we become so focused on “major” sins that we’ve grown apathetic about our own life? Renowned author Jerry Bridges looks at patterns of behavior that we often accept as normal in this established and impactful book. Practical, thought-provoking, and relevant at any stage of life, Respectable Sins addresses a dozen clusters of specific “acceptable” sins that we tend to tolerate in ourselves, such as:
• Jealousy
• Anger
• Judgementalism
• Selfishness
• Pride

Writing from the trenches of his own battles, Bridges offers a message of hope in the transforming grace of God to overcome our “respectable sins.”

Mere Christianity by CS Lewis
Tuesday evenings 6:30-8 PM
Grace Chapel HUB

One of the most popular introductions to Christian faith ever written, Mere Christianity brings together Lewis’s legendary broadcast talks during World War Two. Here, Lewis provides an unequaled opportunity for believers and nonbelievers alike to hear a powerful, rational case for the Christian faith.

The Six Conversations – Pathways to Connecting in an Age of Isolation and Incivility by Heather Holleman
Tuesday evenings 6:30-8 PM | GC HUB

Do you often find yourself wishing you could have more opportunities for warm, connecting conversations that could lead to spiritual conversations that could lead to gospel conversations which invite people to meet Jesus? Do you desire to get better at knowing how to initiate these kinds of conversations? Join us as we explore this engaging book by Heather Holleman where she addresses the challenge of developing authentic community through meaningful conversations.

None Like Him – 10 Ways God is Not Like Us (and that’s a good thing) by Jen Wilkin
Tuesday evenings 6:30-8 PM | GC HUB

Human beings were created to reflect the image of God – but only to a limited extent. Although we share important attributes with God (love, mercy, compassion, etc.), there are other qualities that only God possesses. In None Like Him, Jen Wilkin leads us on a journey to discover 10 ways God is different from us – and why that’s a good thing. In the process she highlights the joy of seeing our limited selves in relation to a limitless God and how such a realization frees us from striving to be more than we were created to be.

Journaling Workshop
Tuesday evenings 6:30-8 PM
Grace Chapel HUB

Have you wondered how to go deeper into scripture? Journaling is a great way to start. Come learn how to start journaling your reflections. No homework or prep! We’ll have a couple of short exercises then discuss what we’ve learned. Easy Peasy! Hope to write with you!

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