Life Connect Community

Reaching Life Goals though Supportive Relationships and Practical Services. 

  • For individuals and families experiencing financial and other life challenges
  • Six-month supportive services for Douglas and Arapahoe County residents
  • Personal life coach sessions every two weeks on-site or in the home
  • On-going financial support and assistance to gain financial stability
  • Monthly Wed dinner with childcare and speakers from 5:30-7 PM  (Feb 16, Mar 23, April 20)
  • Community advocacy and referrals, resources, supplies, and more

We also are interviewing for Life Connect Volunteers! Volunteer Roles: Life Coach, Life Advocate (Table Host), Meal Services, Prayer, Childcare, Resource Pantry, and Administration. Service opportunities include ongoing training and support!

To participate or volunteer, please link below. 


Grace Chapel has partnered with the Winter Shelter Network (WSN) to provide housing during the winter months (November – March) for up to 40 women and children. The WSN is a group of churches in Douglas County who are partnering together to help residents who are experiencing homelessness. Grace will offer a clean bed, a hot evening meal, breakfast, a packed lunch, and showering facilities. We need your help! See opportunities below and click on the sign up link to volunteer.

Dinner Team- This Team prepares a hot dinner meal at home and then brings it to the church between 4:30 and 6:15 pm on Monday night.  The Team will be contacted by leadership the week before, on details for what to cook!
Lunch Team– Lunch items will be dropped off at the church between 4:30 and 8 pm on Mondays.  You will be contacted the week before on details of what to bring.
Breakfast Team- This Team provides breakfast items for the guests.  The team will be contacted the week before on what to bring.  It can be dropped of at the church between 4:30 and 8 pm.
Set up Team– We prepare the church for the guests between 10 and 11:30 am.  You will set up cots and make sure that our facility is ready for our guests stay.
Evening Hosts– The Evening Host Team serves from 5 to 8 pm.  Their job s to make the environment of the shelter as home-like as possible for our guests.
Evening security Team– You will serve from 5 till 8 pm.  They will be responsible for keeping an eye on everyone’s well-being, keeping the doors secure and checking the perimeter.
Overnight Hosts– This Team is responsible for spending the night with the guests to provide comfort and support.  Women should make up this team.  Overnight hosts serve from 8 pm to 7:30 am.
Overnight Security Team- the Overnight Security Team serves from 8 pm to 7:30 am.  They keep watch over the guests and other volunteers.  Providing peace of mind for a comforted sleep for our guests.
Clean up Crew– From 7 to  8:30 am on Tuesday morning, this crew breaks down the cots and gathers the linens to be laundered.  They make sure that everything back in its place.
Laundry Team- The Laundry Team takes the linens used during the hosts stay and washes, fold, and returns them for the next week.

Douglas County

Grace Chapel partners with Churches and Agencies in Douglas County to help the most vulnerable people, caring for our immediate communities through Financial Assistance to qualifying families, Personal development programs, care visits and fun events.
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Inner City Denver

Grace Chapel has long term relationships with key inner-city ministries, working among the poor, homeless, refugees and ex- offenders, they offer needed supplies, hope and encouragement. We offer many volunteer opportunities for those who have a burden to help the poor and needy.
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West Africa

For the last 20 plus years we have served in three countries in West Africa Benin, Burkina Faso and Niger. Our current focus is community development centered around a church. We help fund a church building, new solar power well, schools and a clinic. The community develop a plan with the pastor. Community outreach takes place as the project is being completed . These projects make for wonderful short-term trips. All our partners in West Africa are nationals which remain our primary focus for partnerships.
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North Africa

Grace has been involved in this area for over 20 years. As a Muslim country With very few believers , this area remains basically unreached. Our focus is on personal relationships in rural areas, visiting schools, Community projects and sharing the love of our Lord we are able. This area is a great spot for short term teams. Another vision for N Africa is to work with believers in El Salvador to raise up workers that would move to N Africa to serve.
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Asia with its unique blend of cultures remain a priority for us despite the challenges of travel and language. We focus on teaching English as a Second language, discipleship, Encouragement to national believers, and training. Lots of Opportunity to use your English Language skills.
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Middle East

Lebanon has been in the news a lot these days with the recent riots and major explosion in the port area of Beirut. Less known is the ongoing corruption and staggering economic crisis which hangs over the whole country like a wet blanket. Inflation is crippling the country making life incredibly difficult. Our three national partners and their teams soldier on with the same determination to reach the lost in all walks of life. The 2 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon remain a huge burden for our partners. We help as the Lord enables. Lord Willing Trips will be starting up again in the fall.
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