MOPPETS is the childcare program provided for you during the MOPS morning. We recognize that an important key to a good MOPS morning is knowing that our children are well cared for and loved. We provide a safe, secure, and well-staffed program for kids birth – Kindergarten. Below is a brief summary of what you can expect from our MOPPETS program.

Children under 2 years of age are played with, cared for, and loved.

Children 2 years old and above have a more structured MOPPETS morning. They move from one activity to another every 20 minutes. Their activities include:

  • Free play. A time when the children transition from being with their moms to a busy morning. There will be activities set up on the tables for them to choose from and different play centers on the floor.
  • Story told by a teacher.
  • Songs are sung at the end of each story time and relate to what they are learning that morning.
  • Snack (because little ones are always hungry and thirsty!)
  • Gym time. A time when they go to the outdoor or indoor playground and get all their energy out!
  • Craft time. The craft is always related to the story and something the children can mostly do by themselves and are able to take home and share with their families.
  • Closing time. This is the last 20 minutes of the morning, where they have quiet play like word games, read books, or have sharing time while they wait for their moms to come.