Study Together

STUDY TOGETHER: God of Deliverance, by Jen Wilkin
Tuesdays | September 7 – November 30
The study will meet on Tuesdays, mornings (9:30—11:30am) and evenings (6:15-8:15pm) 

“Now there arose a new king over Egypt, who did not know Joseph” (Exodus 1:8).

With that introduction, we enter into the story of the Hebrew people in the Book of Exodus. No longer under the protection of their forefather Joseph, the children of Israel became slaves to the Egyptians. But God was raising up a deliverer in Moses, to lead His people from bondage to freedom so they could worship Him.

Israel’s story is our story: the same God who delivered Israel also delivers all those He loves from slavery to sin and from service to the pharaohs of this world.

This past year like none other has taught us that we need one another, for companionship, for prayer, and for encouragement to hold fast to the promises of our Great Deliverer.

Join us as we Study Together: All generations, backgrounds, and personalities coming together to dive into God’s Word. With time for small group discussion, prayer, and video teaching, we’ll draw closer in community as we remember that He draws us out to draw us in.

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