About grace university

the goal

Grace University is designed fulfill  2 Timothy 2:2  by training men as future pastors, elders, missionaries, church planters, and lay leaders who will be used by God to advance his kingdom by building up the body of Christ and equipping others for the work of the ministry.  

the program

A three-year program running January – December,Grace Universitystudents meet for one classroom gathering each week. Class will be held Thursdays, from 7:00 – 9:30 so that men can attend following work. Outside study, reading, writing, and class preparation will require an additional 3 to 12 hours, depending on the class yearand the students themselves. 

year 1 | the word

Intense study of the entire Bible, all theology and practical theology with a focus on real life ministry and heart-driven service within the church. 



year 2 | the shepherd

Introduction to preaching, teaching, expositional Greek, exegesis, study, expositional theology, discernment in reading and leading, counseling, pastoral care, eldership, shepherding, training men, leadership, purpose, calling, weddings, funerals, finances, and more. 

year 3 | the leader

Setting direction, philosophy of ministry, leading change, sending and being sent, advanced teaching, preaching and exegesis, and your unique purpose in God’s work for God’s glory. 


the process

The weekly gathering is more than just class time, it is a life-on-life mentoring process involving every student as they share with each other and help shape one another’s lives. The learning process is integrated, harmonizing the teaching topics with the reading topics to formulate discussion over key issues of ministry.  

the requirements

Men desiring to be a part of the Training Center must have: 

  • A strong desire for pastoral ministry of some sort. 
  • A credible testimony and proven spiritual maturity. 
  • The approval of their senior pastor and church leadership team.

the costs

Grace University involves a great deal of time spent in class, in study and involves the direct involvement of pastors and elders from Grace Chapel. Students with demanding jobs or uncertain travel schedules or those who know they will miss more than three class sessions a semester need not apply.  

Grace University is a non-profit ministry of Grace Chapel to our church and the local church community.  For budgeting purposes, the first year of Grace University will cost $300 per semester.