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If you would like us to pray for you, please email the prayer team. We would be happy to seek the Lord on your behalf. However you describe prayer, it is one of the most incredible privileges known to mankind. You might ask, why? Think for a moment – the Creator of the Universe desires for us to have personal interaction with Him through prayer…what a sacred invitation. God doesn’t want prayer to be something that intimidates us, but rather an invitation to a deeper relationship with Him. He invites us to commune with Him. He invites us to talk with Him, to share our hurts, joys, cares, and challenges. Prayer reminds us that God is accessible!

At Grace Chapel, prayer is woven throughout the fabric of who we are. Whether the Elders pray before and during their meetings, pray with the congregation during our celebration of Communion, or go to someone’s home to pray, prayer is important to our spiritual leaders.

Our staff prays for and with our church family frequently. A prayer team of about 30-35 committed adults prays weekly for folks and as prayer needs arise. We have a team of dedicated people who pray during our services.

You may add your prayer request to our prayer wall using the form below. Once your prayer request is received, we will share it ONLINE according to your instructions. Please be cautious in posting any information public that you would not want to be public. Share anonymously if you want.

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Jeff Gruenewald

Please pray for my Sister Kelly whom is a corrections officer at a Kentucky State Prison. She had her knee blow out and is not able to work right now. She has no funds to fall back on and is very depressed. She has no one nor a church she is connected with. Pray the doctors figure out what is wrong and can fix it so she can return to work.

Received: July 8, 2020

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Adama and Isin

Hello Grace Chapel family,

Here is Adama and Isin from Izmir in Turkey. We left you in January 2020 and were hoping to see you very soon, but God had another plan for us despite we had the desire to return back to the US. All the world has been victims of the Covid-19 during this year and we pray God to receive those who lose their life in heaven, pray for those who are currently fighting in the hospitals for their life and pray for those who are still expose to this Covid-19, may God protects us against it.

Since January 2020, each worship we attend online every Sunday is making us forgetting all this troubles we have been facing during the lockdown in Turkey, that’s why we thank the God that He gave us the chance to be member of His People and part of Grace Chapel family.

We have been waiting our Green Card since March 2020 and because of the Covid-19 consulates and Embassies of the US in abroad are closed and can still close until December 2020, unless the president decides to reopen them asap then we may have this Green Card and get back to Colorado asap. In the meantime, I am( as Adama) is planning to travel to the US next month (August 2020) for attending some international technologies events and Hackathon organized by big companies, at the same time I will be selling the stuffs (furnitures and car) we left in the US when we were leaving in January 2020.


1- We need prayer, so the Lord can helps Adama to make a good plan (Biblically Plan) for this travel to the US, to protect me during my stay in there and allow me to have a very peaceful and important learnings during the Technologies event I will be attending organized by High-Tech organizations and Academies.

2- We pray God to give power to Isin my wife, Lukas my son and Lydia my daughter to stay warm and safe during my visit in the US, we will be far away from each other, but we need to be strong.

3- We pray God so Adama can be baptized in Grace Chapel during his stay in the US before he gets back to Turkey.

God bless all of you.

Received: July 5, 2020

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Please, pray that Jason & his family would recognize Jesus loves them and trust Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

Received: June 29, 2020

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Melissa Hein

We have a baby due on September 1st this year. Her name is Lily and she is currently at 27 weeks gestation. We were recently informed our baby isn't growing quickly enough or gaining enough weight in the womb or may have stunted growth and may require an early delivery for medical intervention. We need prayer over her growth as we've prayed over her health and my health ever since we started trying for this baby. I have had to fight to keep my blood pressure normal to prevent needing an early delivery ever since about 8 weeks. Now I am stacked with another potential challenge with our unborn baby girl's growth. I pray for our baby to catch up and I certainly believe she still can. We have time to pray still and activate other prayer over this time. So I am doing everything I can to ask for prayer and even stood with a friend on her front lawn today and prayed over Lily. Our next appointment with a specialist is this Friday June 12th . Also our regular OBGYN is going to start having us in for more frequent visits to monitor for any growth pattern changes and they are looking for an increase and a significant one over the next month at that. My restless leg syndrome was healed shortly after this organization prayed for me in the past. I am grateful to be a part of this organization.

Received: June 9, 2020

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