Prayer at Grace Chapel

If you would like us to pray for you, please email the prayer team. We would be happy to seek the Lord on your behalf. However you describe prayer, it is one of the most incredible privileges known to mankind. You might ask, why? Think for a moment – the Creator of the Universe desires for us to have personal interaction with Him through prayer…what a sacred invitation. God doesn’t want prayer to be something that intimidates us, but rather an invitation to a deeper relationship with Him. He invites us to commune with Him. He invites us to talk with Him, to share our hurts, joys, cares, and challenges. Prayer reminds us that God is accessible!

At Grace Chapel, prayer is woven throughout the fabric of who we are. Whether the Elders pray before and during their meetings, pray with the congregation during our celebration of Communion, or go to someone’s home to pray, prayer is important to our spiritual leaders.

Our staff prays for and with our church family frequently. A prayer team of about 30-35 committed adults prays weekly for folks and as prayer needs arise. We have a team of dedicated people who pray during our services.

I prayed for this

Prayed for 5 times.


My husband and I recently moved here and as a result I am now in a custody battle over my daughter due to our moving. My husband has recently asked me for a divorce for reasons that don’t seem to justify such a choice. And this downward spiral doesn’t seem to ends Neither of us have been unfaithful, but he has also become completely estranged from his three young sons who no longer wish to see him. My husband is an alcoholic and has been binge drinking every weekend since January. I have only seen him twice in the last five days as he has not been staying at our home with me. He counties to drink and drive and drink while he’s riding his motorcycle. Please pray for my husbands spiritual, physical mental and emotional health. I believe he has lost all hope and wants to throw everything away because he has lost so much and this season of our lives has been so traumatic. Please pray that God and the Holy Spirit will fall fresh on us. Please pray god continues to give us the grace and mercy we need and to use His words and behavior to best show my husband that God loves him in the face of his struggles. Please pray God restores my husbands love for God and receives Gods love and mercy and removes the shame in his heart. I fear his drinking will cause him to lose his life his job or his future. Please ask God to protect him from himself and his addiction. Ask God to please continue the work He’s doing in me so that I can present myself as a pleasing sacrifice to Him and be able to stand in the gap for my husband. Please pray God will restore our family and do a new thing in our marriage. Please pray my husband has protection during the times of his substance abuses

Received: April 11, 2021