I’ve been thinking about communion a lot for the past few days.

There have been times when I’ve taken communion as a deep act of worship where the memory of what Jesus Christ did for me is very rich and vivid. There have been times when the devotion was so pure and the gratitude was so deep that it took my breath away. At times like this, I’m literally unable to speak for a few minutes.

There have also been times when I’ve taken communion as a ritual, as instructed, and taken little thought of the meaning of Jesus’ life and death. These past several days I’ve come to regret those times when I was just going through the motions.

I believe communion is one of the greatest gifts Jesus gave us. He gave us this act, this taking of bread and wine, as a way; no, as the way to remember that the God of the universe put on flesh to shed His blood for us. That’s a very precious thing, this act, this remembrance.

I have heard that some folks, at Grace Chapel, believe that any time two believers share a meal, it is as though they are sharing a communion meal. Now, I love the fellowship of a meal with other believers very much, but I’ve never thought of it as, in any way, resembling the act of remembrance that Jesus gave to us.

We cannot allow communion to become common to us. We cannot let it be a ritual. It should be a celebration of worship, remembering all that it means when we say God came to us in the flesh to die, and in dying, to pay our penalty for our sin.

The whole Gospel is in that. It’s precious.

Please join me in praying that all of our worship, at Grace Chapel, will be filled with a deep sense of wonder and gratitude.

Ric Barreth

Grace Chapel 2016: Praying to learn and live 100% of the gospel, 100% of the time.