Great Marriages and Families don’t just happen!

At Grace Chapel, we are committed to keeping your marriage and family alive and well. We want to Inform, Support, and Resource all your relational challenges. Welcome to our Marriage and Family Ministry

What about my Marriage?

Let’s face it, most couples want their relationship to be strong and healthy. They want them to last. But the fact is, most couples experience unpleasant conditions and are not sure what to do about it. A dynamic marriage is a journey, a process of learning through failure and fighting through tough times. The Marriage Ministry at Grace Chapel is a relationship enhancement plan. It is designed to equip and empower couples to thrive, mature, and last.

What about my Family?


Most parents want to be involved in the spiritual development of their children’s life. They just don’t know where to begin? Parents are involved in sports, homework, and activities, but many parents find it challenging to connect with their children and teens when it comes to their faith. At Grace, we want to position Dads and Moms to be the primary influence for the Spiritual growth with their children and teenagers. We have a plan to do just that.

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  • Pre-Engagement
  • Pre-Marriage
  • Marriage Enrichment
  • Parenting (For information on parenting classes, click here.)
  • Grandparenting
  • Father/Daughter and Father/Son weekend getaways