Adult Sunday

Sunday Morning Communities

2nd Half – Community Building room 314 @ 9:30 am Sunday Mornings
Who we are: We are a community that is nearing retirement or retired…but that’s just our work we’re talking about, not our lives or our service for the Lord! We mix our time together with Bible Study, prayer, and socially we will meet each other outside of class time also. We primarily dig into God’s Word, and occasionally dive into a book or video series.

What to expect: In the Word – Bible study most Sundays with an occasional video or book series for a little variety. 

– Sundays @ 9:30 AM in the Community Building
Who we are: We are a community of individuals who are enjoying retirement. Every week we spend time in prayer, maybe sing a hymn together, and then dig into God’s word. We are currently in a fascinating study of looking at Old Testament prophecy that was fullfilled in the New Testament.

What to expect: Primarily biblical teaching and study with an occasional video study.

PEPSI (People Enthusiastically Pursuing Spiritual Insights) – Online via Zoom on Sunday mornings.
Who we are: We are the PEPSI community – “People Enthusiastically Pursuing Spiritual Insights.” We seek the advancement of God’s Kingdom both locally and globally and support church planting throughout the world. For the remainder of the calendar year, we will be learning how to see the Creator of all things takes preeminence in all things. In January 2020, we will start a book study of Genesis as we continue to see God’s plan for salvation of the world unfold.

What to expect: Expository and interactive biblical teaching with a strong focus on prayer.

Growing Together
– Sundays @ 9:30 AM in Mod 801 
Who we are: We are a community of both singles and couples who enjoy true community and are nearing retirement age. We love the transparency of our community and the fact that we can truly “grow together” in so many ways. We are currently 2 digging into Romans.

What to expect: We tackle a variety of subjects and enjoy small group discussions.

Adventurous Faith – Sundays @ 9:30 AM in Room 806
Who we are: “Empty nester” couples and singles – college age and up! Spiritually supportive of each other and open to all ages.

What to expect: Applying the Word and sharing how to live out faith authentically and adventurously!

Households of Faith –  Sundays @ 9:30 AM in Room 502 
Who we are: We are a community of men and women that love God, love each other, and love digging into God’s Word together. We are currently studying the Book of Acts with an emphasis on the impact and activity of the Holy Spirit. We are at the stage of life when kids are becoming independent, empty nesting is not far away, and we are learning together what God has in store for us in our next season of life.

What to expect: High focus on biblical teaching and pastoral care.

The Gap –   Sundays @ 11:00 AM in the Gym
Who we are: We are a community of parents (single and married) of middle school and high school students. We gather on Sunday mornings as well as outside of class to study God’s Word, worship, and live life together. We are focused on building Christ-centered families. Our desire is raise up our children so that they, too, know and love Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him.

What to expect: Fellowship and teaching on keeping Christ the center of our families and marriages. Contact Brian Bearman at for more information about The Gap.

Familyhood –  Sunday @ 9:30 AM in Mod 804
We try to mix this up with Men meeting together at a variety of times and Women doing the same.
Who we are: We are a community of parents (single and married) with children who are mostly elementary school age. We spend about two-thirds of our gatherings digging into God’s Word and working to apply it to our lives as we raise younger children. The other third is usually topical in nature—specific to becoming better parents and raising our children to walk with Jesus.

What to expect: Fellowship, growth, teaching, discussion! Teaching is typically on a passage or book of the Bible, with an occasional topical study.

TO GET INVOLVED – You can just show up – or to chat about which group may be the best fit, just contact Mark DeNooy, Discipleship Pastor, at

The Mix
(all ages) 
Grace Chapel has a vibrant singles community that we like to call The Mix.  We are a warm and openhearted group that is always looking for new people to join us.

We don’t just stay on the surface, but dive deep into biblical discussions while sharing life experiences. We are meeting on Zoom on Thursdays and in person on some Sunday mornings at Grace at 9:30 AM in the Student Ministry Building. The group enjoys serving and spending time together in various activities (dining out, movies, hikes, etc.) outside of our Sunday morning classroom.
Our life and hope is found in Jesus and Him alone. Join us…you’ll fit right in!
For more information, contact Steve Whitlock, Singles and Young Adults Pastor, at or just text him – 303.775.0663