Grace Chapel accepted Malawi as a new project focus in October 2021. Malawi is beautiful, very welcoming yet is the 3rd poorest country in the world. It exists to demonstrate God’s love for homeless youth in Blantyre, Malawi.  It provides housing, meals, discipleship, life coaching, catch-up education and vocational training for 18 youth.  All of those served in the program have come to faith in Jesus. Whitney Willett Akpi and her husband Kossi have a connection with Grace Chapel, with Whitney having grown up in the HS ministry 2002 – 2005, and then visiting while on school vacations through college.  She was a part of HS mission teams to Costa Rica. Grace Chapel has contributed $30,000 this past year and will give $15,000 in the new fiscal year to help provide facilities and further equip the program as it grows towards greater sustainability. We hope to recruit a vision and encouragement team to visit Malawi in the spring or summer of 2023.

Malawi Video