Our Sunday Adult Communities meet during one of the service times and then attend the worship service opposite of when they meet. These are life giving communities that dig into God’s Word and do life with each other. These are based on your stage of life: from young families to fully retired and anywhere in-between. If you are looking for a community that you can grow, both spiritually, relationally, and socially with… reach out to us and we will get you connected! See the current Sunday Communities listed below. 

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sunday groups

2nd Half Class

Room 314 | 9 AM

We are a community that is retired or nearing retirement, but still active in growing and serving the Lord, and leaving a legacy in our families, community, and church. We mix our time together with Bible Study, prayer, and socially we will meet each other outside of class time also. We primarily dig into God’s Word, and occasionally dive into a book or video series.

Leaders: Brian Moe, Lowell Friesen, Roger Schuit


Chapel | 9 am

We are a community of God-centered men and women. Couples and singles are welcome. We seek the advancement of God’s kingdom globally and locally. We pray, sing and dig into God’s word. 

Leaders: Dick & Anne Chiappini, Don & Kitty Gibson

Household of Faith

Room 520 | 9 am

We are a community of believers that love to dig into God’s word, figure out how to apply God’s word to our lives, pray together, get together outside of Sunday mornings for Rockies games, BBQ’s, picnics, social events, and simply focus on growing our faith within our own households.  We welcome married couples as well as singles into our community.  Most of us have adult children and so we are navigating our  “empty nest” or “nearly empty nest” season together.

Leaders: John/Lorrie Elkins, Bruce/Jolene VerSteeg, Jeff & Sheryl Schweithale

college & career

Sundays | 9 am | Student Ministry lobby
We are a community of young adults that love to dig into God’s Word. We are focused on building Christ-centered lives while growing a strong community. We spend time in prayer, studying God’s Word, and challenging one another.

If you have questions contact Steve Whitlock 303.775.0663

LEADERS: Caitlyn Cook and Joshua Cook

Family Connection (Familyhood)

Portable 804 | 9 am

We are a community of parents (single and married) with children who are mostly elementary school age. We spend about two-thirds of our gatherings digging into God’s Word and working to apply it to our lives as we raise younger children. The other third is usually topical in nature—specific to becoming better parents and raising our children to walk with Jesus.

Leaders: Todd Witty, Mark Voss


Adventurous Faith

Portable 806 | 9 am

“Empty nester” couples and singles – mainly 50’s and 60’s but all are welcome! Spiritually supportive of each other and open to all ages. We apply the Word and sharing how to live out faith authentically and adventurously!

Leaders: Loren/Sue Matson, Mark/Maggie Seccombe




The Gap

Middle School Youth Room (downstairs) | 9 am

We are a community of parents (single and married) of middle school and high school students. We gather on Sunday mornings as well as outside of class to study God’s Word, worship, and live life together. We are focused on building Christ-centered families. Our desire is raise up our children so that they, too, know and love Jesus and have a personal relationship with Him.

Leader: Sean Canaday

Growing Together

Portable 801

We are a community of singles and couples who love the Lord and enjoy close community. Most of us are in retirement while some are still working.  We love the transparency of our relationships and the fact that we can truly grow together and support each other in so many ways.  Weekly prayer and sharing is vital in the way we care for one another. We enjoy getting together outside of class for summer BBQs, Christmas Parties, Valentines dinners as well as occasional buffet brunches on Sunday.  We also use rotating dinner groups as a way for people to socialize and get to know others throughout the year. We are blessed with a number of experienced teachers who take turns teaching class.  

Leaders: Ron Willett and Jerry Cole


The Mix

Student ministry building | 9 am

Grace Chapel’s singles community is open to all. We are a warm and openhearted group, always looking for new people to join us. We don’t stay on the surface but dive into biblical discussions while sharing life experiences. In fact, we seek to apply what God has said. We meet Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM in the Student Ministry Building. The group enjoys serving and spending time together in various activities including dining out, movies, hikes, and picnics. Join us…you’ll fit right in!

Leaders: Steve Whitlock, Maria Bocchino, Tim Nicholas