• Both Grace Chapel members and outside participants are welcome.
      • All participants must be willing to adhere to the player’s codes of conduct.


      • Our vision is to expand leagues and activities as feasible and as interest leads. However, to do this we need others to join the vision and manage a team, league or activity. If you are interested in this, please indicate your interest in the field below.
      • Since a manager is responsible for their team and holding them to GC Sports standards, we have the following requirements for any manager:
        • Have a consistent walk with Lord and living daily in surrender to His will.
        • Call Grace Chapel their home church.
        • Willing to commit to hold themselves and their teammates to a code of conduct honoring to the Lord.


    • If you do not play any particular sport but still want to be involved, we welcome you to be a part of GC sports in other capacities! Some examples include childcare, photography/videography work, or just cheering on our teams. Please contact GC Sports with any ideas.