We all made it safely to Benin on Wednesday evening. We met up with Dave and Eileen Bidwell and also Sylvanis from Kenya. We were greeted at the airport by Josue and Prisca and are happy to say Prisca is gaining strength every day after her surgery in December. 

After a brief night of catch-up sleep, we got to visit the school and meet all the children. This year they have nursery through 4th grade at the school, and are still desiring to build the school to give teaching through the 6th grade.

We then set out to the Ministry Teaching Center (The Farm) to see the students there. There is a big difference in just one year at the farm. This farm is a way to train young adults to become strong Christian believers and possibly move them into pastoral roles and  teach them proper farming, irrigation, and animal husbandry skills which allow them a means of supporting their families.

  • The property is totally paid off and ownership is completely part of the ministry. 
  • Last year, the exterior walls and floor were complete for the two dormitory buildings and know the 2nd level floor has been poured. When completed, the two dorm building swill have eight rooms to house the students.
  • There is a new rabbit barn and rabbit marketing has begun. There is a demand for rabbit meat in the area.
  • Last year, there were two fish ponds for raising fish for market. Now, there are four ponds and a canal from the lake to the fish pond area to provide access for water to the ponds. (All dug by hand)
  • A pig barn is under construction to add another food source into the training curriculum.

 We had lunch with four young men who are currently students at the center and heard their testimony. It was a blessing to be able to meet and pray over these students. They will be graduating this coming April after one year of training.

Prayer requests:

  • Safety and health for the team as we are in Africa.
  • The Lord providing two teachers and a driver for Prisca’s school.
  • Protection and clear guidance for the young men at the farm to complete their training and then be ambassadors for Christ when they return to their villages.
  • Continued interest and new students in both the school and the ministry training center as the Word is taught.

 Will try to update you all again in the coming days.

Africa Mission Team