Parents, be Your Child’s Greatest Cheerleader!

Over the years, I have seen parents forget this simple, but powerful, life-changing step that could bring about the greatest change in their children. It is so easy to do, but for some reason we fail to recognize its dynamic. Do you have any idea what would bring about instant positive change in your child’s attitude and behavior? Are you ready? Encouragement! Yes, simply telling your children what you think about them will lift their spirit and produce a greater appreciation for who you are in their lives.

I have seen parents use encouragement to motivate their children, correct them, remind them, strengthen them, protect them, and uplift them. Encouragement is their “go to” skill for change.

Why do we forget to use encouragement to parent our children? Some believe too much encouragement will produce an ego trip. My thought on that is, hogwash! Encouragement doesn’t produce pride it produces righteousness. Kids are motivated when they are valued through words, not silence. Another possible reason for forgetting to encourage our children is because no one consistently encouraged us. We have not experienced the benefit and blessing it could have had on our soul. So, for whatever reason, how about you start a new way, a new pattern for your home. How about becoming a family of Encouragement.

  • When you catch your child or teenager doing something good…Encourage them!
  • When you see your child discouraged or defeated…Encourage them!
  • When you hear they doubt themselves…Encourage them!
  • When they make a mature-like decision…Encourage them!
  • When they sin, before you correct them…Encourage them!
  • When you need to break the awkward silence in the car – Try Encouragement!

“Encourage one another, and build up one another…” I Thessalonians 5:11

“But encourage one another (admonish) day after day, as long as it is still called “Today,” so that none of you will be hardened by the deceitfulness of sin.” Hebrews 3:13 

What will change if I encourage my kids? When your children HEAR from you encouragement through affirmation they feel “I’m Significant.” When they hear encouragement by acceptance they feel “I Belong.” When your children SEE encouragement by being available they feel “I’m Important,” and when they see encouragement through affection they feel “I’m lovable.”

Try these 25 Words OF ENCOURAGEMENT:

  1. You can do this!
  2. Good for you!
  3. This was an amazing job!
  4. I’m impressed!
  5. I believe in you!
  6. You handled that beautifully!
  7. I really enjoy being with you!
  8. I’ve never seen anything like it!
  9. We are proud parents!
  10. I really like that!
  11. Excellent! Great job!
  12. That’s fabulous!
  13. You’re so helpful! Thanks!
  14. You’re going to make it!
  15. I never did that well!
  16. What a super effort!
  17. You have made us proud!
  18. Don’t ever give up!
  19. You have what it takes!
  20. You have much to offer!
  21. You’re special to me!
  22. You make a difference!
  23. You’re good at…!
  24. I love you!
  25. I really enjoy your smile!

Dr. Ron Brenning, Marriage and Family Pastor