Parenting Milestone Classes

The Legacy Milestone Pathway is Grace Chapel’s way of making a long-term commitment to you for building a strong and healthy family from birth to graduation. On this journey, we want to position parents to be the primary influence for the spiritual growth of their children.


What is it?

A milestone is “An event, preceded by a period of instruction from parents which celebrates a spiritual development point in a child’s life.” Jim Weidmann, Spiritual Milestones: A Guide to Celebrating Your Children’s Spiritual Passages.

Milestones are key spiritual development points in the life of a child or teenager. Parents need to know these critical milestones and how to walk their son or daughter through them from a biblical perspective. This is our legacy to our families.

Parenting Infants – Milestone 1 – Parent/Child Dedication (age birth–2) This one-week class will cover: how to lead your children to each Milestone, understanding child dedication, understanding parental roles, and growing a healthy marriage. 


Parenting Young Children – Milestone 2 – Salvation & Baptism (age 3–9)
Focused on parents of 3-9 year olds, step 2 of our Milestones is about growing your relationship with your child. This 4-week class covers:
* how to plant seeds of biblical truth
* how to lead your child to Christ
* how to form boundaries for attitude and behavior
* how to discipline and correct
* how to instruct the mind and heart
* how to model spiritual disciplines
* how to practice the “one-anothers.”



Parenting Adolescents – Milestone 3 – Adolescence & Purity (age 10–13)

Focused on parents of 10-13 year olds, step 3 of our Milestones prepares parents for adolescence.
This 4-week class covers:
* how to plan your weekend retreat (puberty and purity)
* facing the challenges of middle school
* cultural changes,
* bullying
* peer pressure
* cyber battles/controls
* infatuation, friendships, and dating
* forming your child’s identity in Christ


Parenting Teenagers – Milestone 4 – Rite of Passage (age 14–18)
Focused on parents of 14-18 year old teens, step 4 of our Milestones is Rite of Passage. This 3-week class talks about how to foster manhood/womanhood in your teen through:
* maintaining a strong relationship with your teen
* helping them negotiate boundaries and decisions
* encouraging purposeful dating
* preparing your teen for college and career


Milestone 5 – Graduation (age 18+) This one-day seminar will cover: their role in God’s Kingdom and Church, how to defend one’s faith (apologetics), how to be a leader (making disciples), life skills for singlehood, dating with a purpose to marry, and discerning the will of God.


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