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Bylaws and Doctrinal Statement Revisions

The Bylaws and Doctrinal Statement are being revised for the first time since the church was founded in 1979.

What is the purpose of revising the Bylaws?

  • This the first revision in over 38 years of Grace Chapel’s history.
  • It better reflects the view of current Elders and Administration, without changing the overall way in which the church and Elders operate.
  • It clarifies conflicting statements within the Bylaws and with the Elder Board Policy Manual.
  • The Doctrinal Statement is a component of the Bylaws.

There were numerous small changes, but the major changes were:

  • Removed the “Articles of Faith” (referencing the Doctrinal Statement instead).
  • Added a section regarding the three levels of employee hiring and the hiring process for each level.
  • Revised sections related to the staff.
  • Changed “consensus” to “unanimity” regarding Elder decision-making.

Why are we revising the Doctrinal Statement?

  • The existing Doctrinal Statement was based almost entirely on another organization’s work, not our own.
  • We want to verify that what is stated is still the consensus of belief at Grace Chapel, and that the Elders and pastoral staff have validated the content.
  • The language and style needed freshening up after 38 years.
  • We want to be sure we neither overstate or understate the essential elements of belief at Grace Chapel.

The Doctrinal Statement has been completely re-written to achieve the above goals.

According to the Bylaws, while the Elders are responsible for maintaining and changing the Bylaws and Doctrinal Statement.

Click here for the Bylaws showing the comparison of changes.

Click here for the NEW Doctrinal Statement.

Click here for the OLD Doctrinal Statement.

Click here for a list of our Elders

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