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Date: Sundays, April 15 – May 6
Time:  9:00–10:30 a.m.
Location: Room 511
Contact: Ron Brenning • RBrenning@GraceChapel.org

Envision a pathway where parents and the church journey together to raise the next generation of Christ followers. We know spiritual maturity is a lifelong process and to do it alone is overwhelming. To partner together has amazing potential.

We want to walk alongside you on this parenting pathway and empower you with God’s authoritative Word on how to be the spiritual hero in your home.

There are key spiritual development points in a child or teenager’s life. These are called Milestones. Parents need to know these critical milestones, how to walk their son or daughter through them and finally how to celebrate them as spiritual breakthroughs. This is our legacy to our families.

Milestone 2: Parenting Young Children (ages 3–9)

Focused on parents of 3-9 year olds, step 2 of our Milestones is about growing your relationship with your child.

This 4-week class covers:
* how to plant seeds of biblical truth
* how to lead your child to Christ
* how to form boundaries for attitude and behavior
* how to discipline and correct
* how to instruct the mind and heart
* how to model spiritual disciplines
* how to practice the “one-anothers.”

For more information, contact Ron Brenning at RBrenning@GraceChapel.org.