COVID-19 Resources

Need practical help or spiritual support? We’re here for you…
Need food?

Grace Chapel Family and immediate neighbors to the church, we have a limited Food bank that provides non-perishable foods to those suffering COVID-19 related hardship.  This food bank operates on a first come first served basis. Deliveries are made Saturday afternoons.

Delivery of your prepaid groceries from King Soopers.

Other help. 

Additional assistance for GC Families*

If you are a regular part of our GC family, we have additional resources to support you beyond the Food Bank. Please let us know what you need.

*you have previously identified yourself and are in our church database.

    Need Prayer?

    We are happy to pray for and with you during these trying times. Let us know how you prefer to connect with us. Whether you are a first responder needing specific prayer or someone at home who is struggling, we are here to pray for you.

    • Request prayer online. We would be happy to post your request on our GC web wall for others to see and pray 24/7. Enter your request to be posted on our prayer wall for others to see and pray for you throughout the week.
    • Request a private prayer with someone. Someone from our Staff, elders or prayer team will call to pray with you. Click here and let us know your contact info and the best time to call.
    • Call the office and request prayer. Someone is available 24/7 to take your request and pray for you. The phone number is 303.799.4900
    Need to talk with someone?

    We have pastors, elders and counselors who are available to help you process and answer questions that you may have during this confusing time.

    Need counseling?

    We have certified Biblical counselors available to meet with you for those situations that will take weeks over that hour or two. Go to to read about what we do and fill out an application. We do have a short waiting list, but we do our best to get you scheduled as soon as possible.