Adult Sunday

Sunday Morning Communities

Some of our most vibrant groups meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. Each of these groups is based on real community and real relationships. We are always looking for new people to join as we walk through life together. Every community has a deep commitment to the Bible where we receive God’s encouragement, hope, and love. You have many options regarding groups! So, consider the communities below. Each one is welcoming and a great place to connect with your church family.

9:00 AM:

  • 2nd Half – Community Building – Room 314
    Who we are
    : Couples and singles who enjoy serious Bible study, fun, and fellowship! We are enjoying the later part of our working years and delighting in our children and grandchildren.
    What to expect: In the Word – Bible study most Sundays with an occasional video or book series for a little variety.
  • Tweeners – Community Building – Room 311
    Who we are: Mainly couples and singles who know how to rally around each other in prayer and support. This community enjoys a caring, mature, and relaxed atmosphere.
    What to expect: Primarily biblical teaching and study with an occasional video study.
  • The Mix – Community Building – Room 310
    Who we are:
    A mix of singles and couples of all ages who love deep, meaningful discussion and interactive dialogue. Strong community of believers who share life in and out of the classroom.
    What to expect: Discussion! A balance of Scripture and life experiences with a mix of both biblical and topical teaching.
  • PEPSI (People Enthusiastically Pursuing Spiritual Insights) – McKibben Chapel (Worship Center)
    Who we are
    : One of the original Grace Chapel Sunday classes. Going strong with all ages of couples and singles engaged in activities inside and outside of church.
    What to expect: Expository and interactive biblical teaching with a strong focus on prayer.
  • Growing Together – Portable 801 (across from the Gymnasium – south end of campus)
    Who we are
    : Couples and singles nearing that “retirement age,” but young at heart. We are a social group with a focus on transparency with each other and encouragement through prayer.
    What to expect: We tackle a variety of subjects and enjoy small group discussions.
  • Adventurous Faith – Portable 806
    Who we are: “Empty nester” couples and singles – college age and up! Spiritually supportive of each other and open to all ages.
    What to expect: Applying the Word and sharing how to live out faith authentically and adventurously!
  • Households of Faith – Room 502 (south end of campus)
    Who we are: Couples experiencing similar stages of life with kids and grandkids. Strong community involvement and deep fellowship.
    What to expect: High focus on biblical teaching and pastoral care.
  • The Gap – Community Building – Room 312
    Who we are: A community of parents with children from elementary to college.
    What to expect: Fellowship and teaching on keeping Christ the center of our families and marriages. Contact Brian Bearman at for more information about The Gap.
  • Young Families – Portable 804
    Who we are: Couples and single parents typically with kids ranging from birth through elementary. We are a strong community of believers who understand the flexibility that comes along with kids.
    What to expect: Fellowship, growth, teaching, discussion! Teaching is typically on a passage or book of the Bible, with an occasional topical study.

Get Involved – You can just show up – or to chat about which group may be the best fit, just contact Mark DeNooy, Discipleship Pastor, at